The only thing you need from your past is the lessons you've learned not the pain associated with the lessons. I will teach you how to be free from the chains of pain and help you become a Victor, not a victim.
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It's yours!!! No one can change it but YOU. Do you need to be guided and shown where to go? Sometimes we do. It's ok to need help. I will give you tools, I will show you what to do but YOU have to do the work. The only way change happens is from the inside out. 

Take my hand...I'm ready for you. Are you ready?

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Aren't you tired of replaying the same broken record over and over? "I don't trust people because...." "I don't have any money because....""My relationship sucks because...." This is your victim's brain controlling your outcome. This is you living in the past and too scared to experience the now and the happiness that awaits you. 


You were abused? You were wronged? You're parents weren't there for you? You were cheated on? You lost someone?

No matter how wronged you are HERE. You CAN move past it. You can be happy. You ARE the Victor, you just haven't had the tools to release the suffering and start living in the Victor's mentality instead of the victim's mentality.

You've suffered enough. Let's stop talking about it and move forward!

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Your Greatest Self.


You've been victimized your entire life? It's time to say "Enough is Enough"! I promise you I have been victimized over & over. From abandonment, molestation, physical & emotional abuse. I was attacked randomly and strangled with a phone chord and just back in August of 2018 had to perform life saving treatment on my 77 year old father who had been shot 7 times. PTSD...yep been there done's NOT who I am though. I am a Victor not a victim. It is my life's work now to make sure other's don't have to be controlled and defined from the bad. 

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I will never tell you I'm a victim...have I been victimized? Absolutely..but that doesn't define me. I'm here to guide you through the spiderwebs of emotions and teach you how to free yourself from situations that have bound you to your past. 

You'll find me to be blunt, but honesty is not the best policy---It's the ONLY policy. If what I say strikes a nerve, that's a good thing. It means it's about to get real and when it's real....we heal.

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Damaged people will damage others. If you take an injured animal and try to help it, you're probably going to get bit or scratched. Same thing with people who are damaged. You ever hear the term "misery loves company"? This is what happens in life.

People tend to covet what they know. If they know pain they'll live in it and cause pain for others. Is it destructive? Of course it is! But it's what they know. There is truly the fear of the unknown and it is this fear that keeps us right where we are. 

Come with me...I'll turn the light on and teach you how to live free of the fear. It really is better in the light. 

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